February Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Happy February! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! I hope you are all staying warm and dry.

As of our halfway point for hours we have volunteered 8,965.5 Philanthropy hours! Thank you all for your continued dedication to serve our community. Such an amazing way to represent our Chapter!

The Membership Committee has met to determine their slate of Provisionals. This slate will now be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval.  We are so excited for all Perspective Applicants.  The new Provisionals will be notified mid-March and will be announced to the membership at the March General Meeting. Thank you so much to all those that served on this year’s Membership Committee, thank you for taking the time to review all applications with thought and care.

The Nominating Committee for the new Board of Directors will soon have their meeting to determine the new slate of officers for the 2019-2020 year. The new slate will be presented to the existing Board for approval and will be presented to the membership 15 days prior to the March General meeting, a vote will be taken at the March meeting for final approval by you, our membership.

The Scholarship Committee is now taking applications for this year’s annual Scholarship distribution to be held in April.  Applications will be reviewed for completeness and then a meeting will be held by the committee to determine all those eligible to receive the award. Once that is determined the applicants will be asked to partake in the interview process, this is a chance for the committee to get to know the applicants on a more personal level. When the interviews are completed the committee will make the determination as to those that will receive the scholarships. This too is a very exciting time for our Chapter, thank you to the committee members for their service.

The Class of 2019 is hard at work in preparation for this year’s annual Senior Recognition. I hope you all received your Save the Date and may be considering attending this year’s ceremony.  I know that it will be a beautiful evening as our Ticktockers are honored for their years of service to our community.

The Class of 2022 is also busy working on details for this year’s annual Awards Tea. This event recognizes our Senior Class of 2019, as each Ticktocker pays tribute to their mothers for the time they have shared on their NCL journey. This mandatory event is also the time to recognize all Ticktockers and Patronesses who go above and beyond the required hours to support our Chapter and our wonderful Philanthropies.  Details will be announced at our General meeting.

There is so much going on in our Chapter, my sincerest thank you to each and every member for your support of all these efforts that keep our Chapter the amazing organization that it continues to be. Please make every effort to be at this month’s General meeting, as we will be taking votes to update our By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.

All my best to you and yours,

Mary Brewer


February 25  – Monday

March 2019

General Meeting

Hosted by the Class of 2023 / 8th Grade

March 4 – Monday Board Meeting
March 12  – Tuesday TT mtg 8 & 11 grades
March 13 – Wednesday TT mtg 7 & 10 grades
March 14 – Thursday TT mtg 9 & 12 grades

March 25  – Monday

April 2019

General Meeting

Hosted by the Class of 2024 / 7th Grade

April 11 – Thursday

May 2019

Provisional Member Orientation

6:30 pm Parnell Park



Haley Kotkin VP of Programs 2019 & Marissa Pennino  Historian 2019


Senior Recognition Ball

Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles 

May 3 –  Friday
All Ticktocker Event May 13 – Monday
Awards Tea May 19 – Sunday


At the meeting in January, the class of 2019 did yoga and discussed future meeting ideas. They ate some food and then the class of 2019 president, Gracie, called the meeting to order. After going through the usual protocol, they discussed what to do for the last meeting together. After that, they put on a video of a yoga instructor doing yoga and the class followed along. The best part of the meeting was the discussion for the last meeting because it was fun to list ideas for certain activities. The most meaningful part of the meeting was that as well because class of 2019 are graduating soon and they want the last meeting to be the best because they won’t be having any more after that.



Maggie Franklin – VP of Programs 2020, Reese Amador – Historian 2019 & Amada Otero – Historian 2020

The class of 2020 has been busy this year. They enjoyed performing at our chapter’s annual benefit in the junior showcase fashion show. They continue to work on the NCL six year plan at the monthly TT meetings with guest speakers guiding them through topics related to the grade level focus. January 31st was the deadline for Whittier chapter’s “Log it or Lose it.”  Many of the class members have been volunteering at our chapter philanthropies and giving back to our community. This month they would like to spotlight some of our moms and daughters.

Stephanie & Reese Amador – Volunteering at PIH

Susan, Emily & Claire Santo/Laura & Sophia Lopez – Volunteering with City of Parks and Recreation

Emily Santo – Volunteering at IFC

Reese & Charlie Amador – Volunteering at the PIH Blanket Making Event


Aleena and Lilly Tosunian with Mary and Haley Brewer  – Volunteering at the PIH Blanket Making Event

Natalie and I love working on the benefit together.  The excitement of the day,  getting to know other moms and their daughters 

as we work together to raise money to support our philanthropies, it really makes us feel like what we are doing matters.

It’s so exciting to see the success of our efforts  and know the difference it will make in the lives of those in need. – Gina Felikian


Reese & Charly – Volunteering at the Whittier Public Library  

Christine & Jordyn Anderson – Volunteering  and bringing a smile to peoples who need to be cheered up at the PIH Gift Shop

Mary & Haley Brewer – Volunteering at the La Habra Children’s Museum 

Araceli & Amanda Otero – Volunteering at the Annual IFC Toy Distribution


This is the fashion show/tea at the Whittier Museum. We loved watching the audiences’ faces light up when the girls modeled different clothing eras. As a Patroness,
I enjoyed serving their smiling faces at the Tea. Great event, we loved supporting keeping history alive in Whittier! – Jen & Carly Richter


Emily and I enjoy volunteering at so many of the philanthropies we support. Some of our favorites include meals of wheels, the Whittier public library, the Whittier Museum and IFC. Volunteering together gives an opportunity to learn more about each other while having a positive impact on our community. We are lucky that we have been able to share these experiences with my 2023 daughter Claire these past two years. – Susan Santo


Megan and Clare Jordan gathering donations from neighbors for Shelter’s Right Hand (top photo). Baking cookies together for IFC in November (right lower photo)

Emma and I have so much fun volunteering together wherever we go. We enjoy serving our community in various ways. – Heidi Tanklage


Ava Webster – VP of Programs 2021, Natalie Lopez – Historian 2021 

The Class of 2021 had their January meeting at the fun and thrilling SpeedZone park. They began the meeting in one of the meeting rooms next to the race tracks. For dinner, they enjoyed incredible pizza and desserts provided by the SpeedZone staff and the GLAs. After the meal they began the meeting procedures and brought in a guest speaker, Mrs. Serena Delperdang, who talked to them about driving. She taught the Ticktockers a few tricks to help them maintain the cars when driving and she gave the them a keychain with a flashlight attached for our keys. After the meeting they got to enjoy the SpeedZone amenities. They went to the race tracks and raced against each other as well as played games in the arcade.



Samantha Kotkin – VP of Programs 2022, Cassidy Morgan – Historian 2022 

In January, 2022 revisited the acts of kindness and all shared how they made someone’s day a little better.  They had a guest speaker who is a nurse come and spoke about young women’s bodies and health. This included how they should be taking care of their bodies, how their bodies are changing, and how much of what they are going through is normal or abnormal. This was extremely informative and an overall enlightening experience. They followed this up with an open time to ask questions where the moms even got to pitch into the discussion. This made for some goodlaughs and a memorable experience.



Chloe Mooshagian – VP of Programs 2023, Madeline McDonald – Historian 2023 

2019 started off right with a fun Ticktocker meeting at Mrs. McCaffer’s home. At the meeting we discussed phone etiquette in public and in a group of people (including your family). Our GLAs and Mrs. McCaffer performed a hilarious skit to demonstrate how teens our age act with their phones, then explained what we need to change to be polite. The discussion was great, many of our Ticktockers had a different point of view and made great arguments to support them. At this meeting they also took a vote on what our Mother-Daughter event should be this year. It was really great that the girls were given an opportunity to voice their opinions. To kick off the new year many of our 2023 Ticktockers and moms participated in the Annual Mother-Daughter Philanthropy at PIH Hospital making blankets for the patients at the hospital. It is a favorite event for many of us. They’re able to do a great service to the community while having fun with the girls in our class and other the classes that we don’t get an opportunity to see that often. Also the food was amazing!



Brooklyn Bentley – VP of Programs 2024, Shannon Ohlman – Historian 2024

Our January meeting was held at Mari-Ella on January 9th. They started off their night eating some salmon and kabobs. After they were done Ava called the meeting to order and they got started. They discussed the cultural event and philanthropy opportunities. After the meeting closed they got to play a game called “Suck it up” where they had  10 skittles is a cup and use only a straw to get  each skittle to the other cup in under a minute.


Brooklyn Bentley – VP of Programs 2024, Shannon Ohlman – Historian 2024

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