Wish Upon a Star 2018 Benefit – A message from the  President

2018 Wish Upon A Star Benefit showcased the Class of 2020’s Junior Ticktockers. The National Charity League Inc., Whittier Chapter was honored to share our efforts towards fulfilling the needs of our cherished Philanthropies.

National Charity League Inc., is a non-profit organization that presently reaches into 26 states with a current total of 250 chapters, with new chapters forming annually. We are currently 75,000+ in total membership. Our chapter alone has served our communities in the past year 2017-2018 a total of 15,995 hours; this is a combination of hours worked to directly impact our community and in efforts to maintain our chapter needs.

NCL, Inc. mission is to help inspire and empower our daughters to become the leaders of tomorrow. We have the opportunity to serve our communities together with our daughters through mentorship and community service to instill in them the power of giving back. We enjoy the aspect of creating a “well rounded,” young woman through cultural experiences on our NCL journey. Together, we are committed to fostering the Mother/Daughter relationship, as we know this time in our daughter’s lives is extremely fleeting, and we hope to be a positive influence while enjoying this time we share. All of those reasons are why we as Mothers seek out the NCL Inc., to partner with as our young girls are developing into young women.

All proceeds from the Benefit events go directly back into our communities, as each Philanthropy we support receives a monetary donation. This is for their own unique needs that we cannot substantiate through service. We also take great pride in helping to support Senior High School young women going on to college and adult women who have decided to return to higher education (all not affiliated with our organization) who share in our spirit of community service, through Scholarships to help support their academic endeavors. The events of awarding these gifts are two of the most cherished times for our membership.

The Benefit is hosted by our Whittier Membership. Without the commitment of each and every member, this event would not be possible or so successful. In saying that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our Co-Chairpersons Gina Felikian and Luci Gutierrez for the undying dedication to our chapter. Along with their committee, every detail of today’s events have been painstakingly combed over for the past 8 months. I hope they know how much their efforts are appreciated. I would also like to thank the Co-Chairpersons of today’s Junior Showcase, Heidi Tanklage, and Lilly Tosunian, along with all the Mothers of the class of 2020. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated for the success for our Philanthropies.

For those of you that attended the 2018 Wish Upon A Star Whittier Chapter Benefit, we appreciate your generosity. We hope you enjoyed the Junior Showcase and events of the day and we hope to see you next year.


With so much appreciation,

Mary Brewer


National Charity League, Inc., Whittier Chapter



Luci Gutierrez (left) and Gina Felikian (right) – Benefit Co-Chairs/VP Ways and Means 

Junior Showcase

Class of 2020 Mother/Daughter Junior Showcase Photo

Junior Showcase Performance

Class of 2020 Runway Performance 

The Runway Show